Georgia Interoperability Network (GIN)

Funded by The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security through GEMA/OHS

Georgia Department Of Public Safety

Message Of Thanks

Deployment of Interoperability

Network produces many successes


Interoperable communication is a complex problem in Georgia because of the many types of systems and frequencies used by public safety and law enforcement agencies.  The Georgia Interoperability Network (GIN) provides a “gateway” that connects callers using any kind of radio equipment. By the end of this calendar year, the network will be accessible to more than 95 percent of Georgia through 141 geographically dispersed sites, and the installation of the GIN will be completed with another 20 sites in the next year. To meet the interoperable communication needs of areas not covered by the GIN, the State has purchased two mobile communications units that can be deployed quickly to the sites of emergency incidents.  Now that the GIN implementation is nearly complete, project management has transitioned to the Georgia State Patrol, where SFC Jamie Sullivan provides scenario-based training and one-on-one consultation in how to use the system to local jurisdictions.  Information on how to access his services and how to use the GIN, go to the program website at In this issue, we will share some of the success stories experienced to date in the use of the GIN throughout Georgia. To date, the system has proved useful to law enforcement and public safety agencies in responses to tornadoes, wildland fires, patrols of boat traffic on Lake Lanier, traffic management, multi-county vehicle pursuits, and many other local events. I’d like to extend my personal thanks to public safety partners who have helped to make this project a success. The continued support of these partners will be paramount in establishing effective standard operating procedures for the system.


Dan Brown

GIN Program Manager

Atlanta, GA